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Lee Reynolds's deuterium sulfate technology



 Advanced Nutritional Technology

CELL RENEW® is a unique liquid that has the ability to cause the release of both nascent oxygen (O) and nascent hydrogen (H) from the water molecule (H20). When this release occurs, more hydrogen and oxygen  are provided to each tissue of the body through the blood stream. These elements act as antioxidants in the body and serve to help clean up free radicals. CELL RENEW® also supports the Circulatory System which eliminates toxins from the body such as lactic acid and carbon monoxide which have built up in the tissues and blood stream  from the incomplete burn of sugar. Oxygen also provides energy for the body since the body requires Oxygen to burn sugar for energy but when there is not enough oxygen present, the burn is incomplete and waste materials are formed. CELL RENEW® also serves as an important source of amino acids, minerals and enzymes.
                          sulfate It is primarily deuterium sulfate technology that is responsible for the amazing properties of CELL RENEW®.  The base  technology used in CELL RENEW® was originally created in 1949 by Lee “Teddy” Reynolds near Denver, Colorado.  This  technology was then passed on to  one of his distributors who further improved his product by adding to it the biological component which consisted adding  34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and 78 ionic minerals. The other 3 primary components of the product include molecular, physical, and electrical properties.

Today, Prismic Light International has taken Lee Reynolds deuterium sulfate technology to the next level. Instead of using ordinary purified or distilled water to make deuterium sulfate, Prismic Light uses a proprietary, highly energized, water that is already rich in free hydrogen and oxygen ions to make our product.  By using energized water to make deuterium sulfate, a much more potent “Super Cell” product is the result. The biological component is still present. Use of this optimized, potentiated product translates into improved benefits and function in the body.    

This improved product today emerges as CELL RENEW®, a multi-dimensional, super energized, life energizing liquid. It is advanced nutritional technology at it's very best. CELL RENEW'S® Di-base, Di-pole Deuterium Sulfate combined with energized water provides an incredible oxygen & hydrogen source and delivery system to all of the cells of the body. According to Dr. Stephen Levine, "Hypoxia, or the lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases."  CELL RENEW® mixed with water, juice or your favorite energy drink,  generates more oxygen & hydrogen for every cell of your body. Because of this unique property, CELL RENEW® supports your body's ability to achieve optimum health and longevity.

Only the finest ingredients are selected when making  CELL RENEW®. The elements contained in CELL RENEW® are all obtained from clean, natural sources and are comprised of purified energized water, 86 major and trace elements, 18 amino acids and 34 enzymes.

® stands alone in its superior ability to release both hydrogen and oxygen from the water molecule.  This release of hydrogen and oxygen from the water molecule occurs slowly over a period of time and only requires a small amount of the water which is available at any one time.  Some of the benefits of a mineral-rich and oxygen-rich diet include: high energy levels; better assimilation and utilization of the food we eat and the supplements we consume; and the creation of enzymes that are necessary for vitamins to function, increasing their effectiveness four to five times in the body. When a body is deficient in oxygen, hydrogen, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids and water, it does not have the ability to repair and maintain itself. It is said to be in a state of disease (dis-ease). Since the elements in CELL RENEW® are suspended in liquid form and are broken down into an ionic state, they are absorbed at a much greater rate than the same elements in a tablet form.                                                                                       

  • Many scientists agree that the cause of degenerative disease is caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood stream, organs and other body tissues.
  • CELL RENEW® helps to create more oxygen by its release from the water molecule. This extra oxygen actually supports your body's ability to achieve optimum health & LONGEVITY!
  • CELL RENEW®  contains minerals which are very highly energized and are in the form that the body most easily recognizes and utilizes.   
  • CELL RENEW®  supports the Circulatory System which cleans the blood stream. An optimal Circulatory System will increase the effectiveness of vitamins, herbs, and nutrients by four to five times.
  • Add 3 drops of CELL RENEW® per pint to purify uncertain water and remove the bad taste. In earthquake areas, CELL RENEW® should be kept available to assure  that water which has been stored for several months can be purified (Note: It is suggested that CELL RENEW® not be added unto ready to use).
  • Dark field microscope studies of people taking CELL RENEW® show that within 15 minutes of ingestion, most of the patient's blood cells appeared cleaner and more free flowing.
  • CELL RENEW®  has no side effects, is non-toxic and can be taken by children and adults.

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